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Structural or Load Bearing Wall Removal in Perth

In your home, there are some walls that are load bearing, which means they are holding a lot of weight. These types of walls need careful consideration if you are wanting to remove them.

With our experience in wall removals, we have assisted many homeowners with their renovation needs. We work closely with you, to ensure you are completely content with our removal process. Our team work hard to ensure the job is completed on time and without mess.

Our Process

If you want to remove a structural or load bearing wall, Ezy Wall Removals are Perth’s leading contractors. We assess the wall and make recommendations about how to best go about removing the wall.

In some instances, council approval may be required. When removing a wall, we make sure all safety measures are in place before we start. Depending on the type of wall and where it is in the home, removal times will vary. However, we make sure not to rush the job, as even the most minor of errors can cause significant issues.

Safety Guaranteed

It can’t be stressed enough that removing a wall should not be undertaken by yourself. It is too risky, especially if you have no prior experience. Our contractors have significant experience in wall removals and are fully equipped to undertake any task. We have the appropriate tools and resources at our disposal when it comes to load bearing wall removal.

Professional Service

Open plan living is highly regarded in the housing industry, and many home buyers often look for this style of home. The open space and added room increases the value of any property. As such, Ezy Wall Removals, provide you with the best service and advice when removing a wall. No matter how big or small your home is, our contractors work hard to ensure your home looks as good as new.

Load bearing walls are a necessity in a home, but can be removed if they allow you to. Prior to any construction, you need to consult with a wall removal specialist to determine if it is the right decision.

To find out if your wall can be removed, contact Ezy Wall Removals today on 1300 784 620, and we’ll help you make the right decision.