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Brick Wall Removal in Perth

If you own a brick home, you know just how strong and durable the material is. With its high heat resistance and weather tolerance, a brick home can last for up to 30 years before the bricks need replacing. If you live in a brick home and you’re looking to expand your living area, removing a brick wall is a delicate process. At Ezy Wall Removals, we have worked on many brick homes and are well equipped to undertake brick wall removal.

Internal Brick Wall

Internal brick walls can either be load or non-load bearing, depending on the size of the property. If the wall is load bearing, be sure to check to see if it is supporting:

  • Roof Loadings
  • Lateral Support
  • Floor Loadings
  • Loadings from Above Walls

If any of these loadings are being supported by the wall, it may require specialist equipment to remove the wall. Once the loadings have been calculated, our builders can safely remove the wall, creating new openings in your home.

External Brick Wall

When it comes to external brick walls, removing them can be complex, especially if they are attached to the structure of the home. Load bearing external walls will require a lintel and heavy-duty support as the wall is removed. We install the lintel prior to cutting the wall, before carefully removing the bricks.

Professional Removal or DIY?

In very rare instances, a brick wall removal can be done by yourself. If you have the right tools at your disposal, removing a brick wall that isn’t attached to your home is relatively easy. However, you need to ensure that you have all safety measures in check prior to the removal.

If you have an older home, DIY brick wall removal is not recommended, depending on the load bearings. This is why we advise home owners to consult a professional prior to undertaking any such activities.

Whether you are looking to add space to your home’s interior or exterior, we have experience in removing brick walls. For a no obligation quote, contact Ezy Wall Removals today by calling on 1300 784 620.