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Wall Removal Services in Perth

Are you looking to add space in your home, but don’t want to undertake a full renovation? Fortunately, it is all made possible with wall removal. This minor home modification has become popular with homeowners looking to open their living area.

Open plan living not only adds space to your home, the monetary value increases significantly. It doesn’t matter how big your home is, or the type of wall you want removed, Ezy Wall Removals will get the job done. With our experience, your home is in good hands.

  • Create a spacious feeling
  • Modernize your home with open living
  • Let natural light pour into your home

Walls We Remove

In the time we have been in business, Ezy Wall Removals have been undertaking all types of wall removal projects in Perth. We have removed many types of walls from homes including:

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we have the tools and resources needed to remove your wall.

Our Process Makes it Stress-Free

Our contractors and builders carefully plan the removal process prior to construction. In some cases, we may need to call in other contractors for assistance, as well as an architect. This is all dependent on the wall structure and if removing it will impact on the integrity of the structure. Using specialist equipment and tools, we remove the wall safely and securely without major disruptions.

It is Right for Me?

Although the added value that comes with open plan living will increase the financial value of your home, it may not be suitable. Why? Some walls are load bearing and may be holding up a lot of weight. If removed, it may damage the structure of your home.

If you are looking to open your home, it is best to have it inspected by a professional. They’ll give you the right advice for your ideal space, and make suggestions should the removal not be feasible.

Removing a wall is a process that requires experience and skill. At Ezy Wall Removals, our contractors have over 60 years combined experience in the building and construction industry. If you need a wall removed in your home, get in touch with us today by calling 1300 784 620.